Our Story


After many hours and drafts, I have FINALLY chosen post #1!!

Here goes …

The fiance and I met in high school.  We were in a fall semester computer applications class, and he sat right behind me.  I immediately had a huge crush on him (can you blame me?)! Sadly, he was too busy trying to date my friends.. so what does my high schooler self do?  I act like a child and annoy the crap out of him.  Every.single.day. I would unplug at LEAST one of his computer cords.. whether it was for his mouse or keyboard… I did it.  I wanted him to notice me, and he sure did.  He was SO annoyed with me!  Not only did the teacher notice and humiliate me, he still went on his merry way of dating my friends. After the awhile I had my friend who sat right next to him give him my number.  Now, realizing this happened many years ago (Fall of 2011) The order of minor details might be off.. and I apologize.

Back to the story…

He eventually asked me out on a movie date (Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows). Being the insecure girl I was, I refused to eat popcorn and candy as “I don’t eat junk food”.  I should probably mention..  That quote has come back to haunt me many times… we still laugh about it today :). I did get something during that date… a $4 bottle of water.. that I will NEVER live down. The next morning I called(or texted) and broke up with him, he tried calling and talking about it but I was set in stone.  I didn’t want to date that weirdo.  In my defense, he was a different person.  Little did I know he would eventually be my prom date, then my Fiance!

Flash forward to 2013, and I am in need of a prom date.  I sat with my mom(an dad) for hours debating who to ask, and trying to picture who I would do the Grand March with.  My mom offered up Fiance… she told me to message him and see what he would think about going to prom.  “Heyy, wanna go to prom??” I believe was my exact message.  What seemed like an eternity later he finally said yes, as long as we would go as a couple (I wasn’t going to argue).

Not very long after we started dating I realized I loved him.  I knew in my heart he was the guy I wanted to spend forever with.  Four years later, many hours driving to the others’ college for visits, countless memories… and we are engaged and planning our wedding!

Can you believe it??

In order to refrain from turning my first post into a novel I kept some details and amazing memories out.. like our (second) first date <3.

We went bowling… I spent HOURS getting ready.. I had never done that.. but I picked my most attractive top and jeans, did my hair and went bowling!  I don’t remember much.. other than him catching me checking him out.. multiple times.. and the nice long talk we had after we bowled while we watched people rock climb.. but I do remember him throwing the ball backwards… he claims (still) that it slipped out of his hands.  Thank god I was watching… I still giggle at that date!

A LOT has changed since that bowling date.  We live together ( for almost a year now), both have college degrees, live in a different state and moving in a week to another state.. but one thing has held strong, and grown… our love and compassion for one another.  They (the people of the internet) say you get one true love and soulmate, I am SO thankful we found each other early on. I wouldn’t want to go through the past 4+ years and our future with anyone else.  He truly is my best friend, soulmate, the love of my life and my biggest supporter.  I cannot wait to marry this man! ❤


From Vacation to Motivation

Before we get into the post topic, does anyone else struggle with naming their posts?  I am horrible at it!  I type everything that comes to my brain, and when I am finally done.. I go back read what I wrote and edit it down.  What kind of writer are you?  In high school and college I was the person that did a multipage brain dump onto my keyboard and ended using half of what I typed.

Well, let’s just start this thing already.

This past weekend my family, Fiance and I went to Chicago for the weekend, as we do every year.  This year was as awesome as it always is.  We ride the train in Friday, have a nice dinner, walk around the Christkindlmarket in Chicago, walk around Macy’s (Marshall Field and Company Building) have a very nice dinner and enjoy our weekend.  The tradition started when my Dad was a young kid, and he has continued it, now taking his own kids.  I look forward to this weekend all year, there are about three things throughout the year that I countdown the days until, this being one of them.

Friday, by the time Fiance and I got to our hotel, after the train ride in I had pretty much hit my daily steps goal. Saturday came and blew my step goal out of the water, as did Sunday’s (today).  During the drive home I kept thinking about how good I felt.  I made  my step goal each day, it isn’t a very high goal, but it is something that I strive to hit daily (10,000).  As a precious athlete, I swore up and down I wouldn’t let my body get so out of shape that I would have to think about how to get back to being healthy.  When I look in the mirror, or check the scale every morning and night I am sadden by my lack of determination in keeping myself healthy.  Although we didn’t run anywhere, we walked a lot, it felt GREAT, I forgot how much I loved being active.

I made myself a goal:

  • Everyday I am going to log my weight in the morning and at night
  • Drink water like crazy
  • Push myself to walk more steps and do a harder workout everyday

Thanks to Instagram, I found @fitnessblender who has a mixture of motivational posts and their own progress.  I was interested in their videos (they have over 500 free youtube workouts), and found myself on their youtube channel Fitness Blender. While sitting on the couch eating popcorn I watched a video, just to see what the videos were like, and if I could be truly motivated by them. Within seconds I had realized I could easily motivate myself, with their help, to do a few videos a day.  I subscribed to their channel and have been doing a few videos a day.  I LOVE how good I feel when I am done!

I look at my plan this way:

I am NOT setting a weight goal for myself, this is about how I feel in my own skin as well as how I am sitting in the BMI calculator.

Our wedding is quickly coming up, but I want to be done a month or so before hand.

I have also set an alarm in my phone to get out of bed by a specific time everyday, whether I work that day or not.  My Samsung Health app is set to remind me to log meals and water every couple hours.

I am SO excited to accomplish these goals.


I have tried to lose weight before, who hasn’t?  The key difference this time is that instead of a weight goal, I have healthy goals and personal goals.


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Rainy day thoughts

Four hours from family and friends

Planning trips home, which are never leave time to spend with friends

Planning a wedding from my laptop

Engaged to a first year medical student

Rediscovering my love of reading

Spending too much time watching Grey’s

Not spending enough time at the gym

Spending plenty of time finding cool workouts-even added a schedule to my calender

Counting down the days until I can go back to school (I have my associates)

Finding new recipes

Dreaming of decorating the apartment

Wanting to go check my wedding dress (it got to the store early!)






Lead Teacher

I have finally found a teaching job in our new city.  I use the word “city” loosely here.


After going through a couple meaningless jobs, and one that really warmed my heart I decided to narrow my job search to my dream job.  Not a week later, I was hired.

I won’t give out any information that would let you, the reader know what company I work for, as it will risk my job.

I will say, so far it nothing like what I expected.  I have experience in a few different centers, but this is by far the most strange.  The teachers lack passion, the director does not, however. I can’t quite put my finger on what exactly is SO different about this place… and I don’t honestly know if I want to figure it out.  I do know I want to make a difference in those students’ lives and put my education to use.

I have not yet spent very much time in the actual classroom, as there is a lot of paperwork and computerized training I must do first.  I am hoping, with my creativity, passion and drive I will be able to give that classroom a 180*.


General life update:

  • New running shoes, which make me want to get to the gym before work –Let’s be real.. that more than likely won’t happen.. if it does I may be napping with the infants
  • Fiance is going great with school, he has been super focused and I am so proud of him for it
  • Wedding planning… well we were thrown a curveball, we have PRETTY MUCH decided how to handle it.. but the big things we have to decide now are (I really mean… a month or so ago) are our caterer, bartender, ushers, flower girl, ring bearer, host and hostess…. so we can give those people plenty of time to budget.. I am all about being budget friendly with those who are in the wedding
  • I have decided I am GOING to.. so help me.. grow my nails out like normal people do.. instead of relying on gel to keep me from messing with them
  • Also decided I REALLY want to get into dying my hair again.. I figure as long as I don’t go nuts it won’t mess with my wedding.. 

Pampering Pursuit

A friend of mine recently suggested adding a segment to my blog…




As many of my regulars know, I recently (June 2017) joined a direct sales company that focuses on pampering- because “You deserve it”!

When I joined the company I was nervous as all hell.. I had done the direct sales thing before, but with bags (Thirty-One) and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do soaps, lotions and hair care.

After about a week or so I found out just how different this new adventure was going to be.  Instead of PUSHING product and partying on people.. suddenly all I had to do was send someone a sample. Posh sells itself, and I get paid for it.  I can send samples out relatively cheaply, and let the customer discover the company I fell in love with.

Now, there are a few different reason I love this company… cliche or not, they are true.

  1. The sisterhood… is real y’all.  As a former Thirty-One consultant I was in on their “sisterhood”… it was the reason I joined.. BUT little did I know.. their sisterhood would let me down… day after damn day.  Granted, there were probably…. two people who were always there to talk to or help, but that was it. The pressure to sell however, was ALWAYS there.  
  2. Products…I tried a few different things and realized this was the company for me. This is actually the same reason my recruit joined, she fell in love with the product. We met up one day, I brought 99% of my stuff and let her try it all.. Within a month she was on my team.  There is no pressure to join, you either feel the love or you don’t.  My recruit had also been apart of another company, which she claims was worse that my previous one.  I will never forget, when she said she wanted to join because “it’s something I can personally stand behind”.  Anyways…. Back in June I hadn’t REALLY thought about joining… I was mainly tossing the idea around.. but I didn’t have the intention to join.. my then future leader was doing everything she could to convince me… little did she know I was already convinced (I just hadn’t admitted it to myself yet).  She sent me samples.. I ordered a couple times.. then one night.. I was laying in bed and decided to take the leap and…a885aa304aed03847961e9902c381b9b--nike-just-do-it-quotes-nike-quotes
  3. Recent college grad.. Why not JUST DO IT?  As a recent college grad I had my new degree in hand and was searching for jobs… preferably the DREAM job(You know… the reason I went to college), but at that point.. and still.. any job that is worth my while.  While job hunting I had decided to take the leap and join Perfectly Posh… and I haven’t looked back.  I LOVE it.  Not just the love like, oh hey, you’re reading this… go buy something because I am telling you I love it.. NO.  The real I can totally stand behind this (using my recruits saying) and not feel guilty when my friends and family order… Instead of telling my friends and family not to order I am doing everything I can to get product on their skin.  I know they will love it, and their skin will thank them. 

So anyways… My friend told me to start writing about this lotion/soap/amazing company.. so here I am.  I will tell you anything and everything you want to know.  I will tell you the products I refuse to put on my skin (and why) and the ones I cannot get enough of.

Want more of me, and my writing?

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Caterer Shopping

When we first got engaged I did NOT think trying to find a caterer would be so difficult.

The wedding is at a rustic location, however it is still a wedding therefore it is still formal.  Trying to find food that fits our budget, and satisfies both the Bride and Groom has been challenging.  BUT I think I FINALLY found an option Fiancee will like!! (WOOHOOO!!!!)  The latest struggle has been to find food that fits the budget, theme, and won’t be messy.. because who wants to risk ruining their formalwear for food?? Honestly.. I am not a girly-girl but come on..

The most recent contenders have been Olive Garden (our go-to date/celebration place) and Famous Dave’s.  We LOVE the food from both places… HOWEVER OG does not deliver to our location nor do they set up.. so they were voted out. (Sorry)

Famous Dave’s has great food as well, they offer an option to have bartenders and an open bar.. PLUS they will set up the day before and bring the food an hour before serving time (in a heated/cooled van to remain fresh). DAMN that part blew me away.. BUT, PLEASE find a bride that is willing to risk ruining her dress, makeup and look like a pig at her reception?  I am NOT about to risk the dress… I get that the food is great.. but the dress is great too..

So.. I went back to Google..

I literally typed in a town near the location and “caterer near …” Of course every fast food place popped up.. along with some local places… I totally love the idea of shopping small (I am an Independent Consultant and love to support small towns and businesses)!

I found two places right away that seemed worth my time.. the first place doesn’t have a menu or pictures.. or reviews… voted out..

The second place could very well be the place.. and I am so THRILLED.. I cannot wait for Fiancee to read the menu and see the pricing.. with any luck (fingers crossed) he will love it as much as I do and we can schedule a tasting.. because I am NOT having gross food..

Although this place does not include a bar… they do include table service items.. we can do buffet style (which I hate.. germs….) but it is easier and cheaper than paying wait staff…


Assuming Fiancee likes the caterer and everything works out…The next step is getting his groomsmen (Yes, I KNOW it’s crazy he still hasn’t asked ANYONE), Priest, florist and DJ.

I LOVE feeling the big sigh of relief when we settle on a business/person to do something for the wedding and it is one less thing to stress about..

Chicken Kiev


Fianće has been asking for a few months if I would make this… I was hesitant as I don’t want to try something and not like it… 
I finally got the breadcrumbs and made it the other day… and oh my gosh.. it is officially on our list of “repeatable recipes”.


Oven temp 400* 

4 boneless skinless halved chicken breasts

1 stick of butter

One small sweet onion chopped (really only need about 4 rablespoons worth 

One clove of minced garlic (I used home roasted garlic -roasted with EVOO) 

Garlic and herbs breadcrumbs (I promise you won’t be overloaded with garlic) 

One beaten egg with one tablespoon of water 

2 shallow dishes (one for breadcrumbs and one for egg mixture) 

Cake pan


Splash of oil for skillet 
Make it:

While the oven is heating up…

Beat those breasts thin.. you want to be able to fit butter in them and wrap up.

Take one breast (thinned) and a quarter of your butter, some onion and garlic mixture and roll it all together.  I rolled the breast which ever way worked best per breast and butter.. wrap them up tightly..

Bring rolled chicken to your egg container.. get all slimey and icky… then use your breadcrumbs container to cover (liberally) chicken.  

Place skillet and splash of oil on medium heat.. add chicken.  (5-8 minutes per side) 

Repeat until you use all breast halves.

Take your chicken out of skillet and transfer to cake pan

Place in oven for 15 to 18 minutes, check it every minute after 15 to avoid burning! 

Dish and enjoy.


Some of mine came unfilled a bit, when you put them in the cake pan you can keep them together to avoid further unrolling.
Great leftovers (assuming you don’t get seconds)!

Chocolate Chip Muffins

Holy Moly.  These muffins are great! 
Let me first start by saying while crossings items off my grocery list I walked past these babies and it was fate.  I knew Fianće would love these as a breakfast option or a healthier snack (better than eating a big bag of m&m’s!) so I got them.  

To make these beauties all you need to do it open the package and pour the dry ingredients into a mixing bowl, add the milk ad stir. Don’t over stir, just moisten the mix. Preheat the oven, grab your muffin or cupcake liners and cupcake or muffin pan.  Place a liner in each muffin bowl.  Grab a medium ice cream scoop  (makes for easy measuring) and scoop batter into the liners.  Make sure to not over fill the liners.  I use the 2/3’s rule, fill each liner 2/3’s full.  When the over is ready pop them in for fourteen to eighteen minutes.  I did the minimum time to allow for nice rewarding in the morning. 
When they are done, put them in a Ziploc bag or tupperware to keep fresh. 

Enjoy!!! We loved them, definitely on the “buy again” list!

Transition period

WOW. You do NOT realize what it takes to keep a household of four people plus a dog running until you have to do it flawlessly.

My new position is a “Family assistant” by day, then when the kids get home I am their nanny.  This means that my bosses leave emails (through out the day and night) of stuff to get done or research for them plus the regular stuff.. like laundry, cleaning and regular errands.  Everything on the list is to be done by the time I go get the kids, which some days means I start work earlier than normal. Now, I am a planner lover.. all through school I had one.. Whether I used it to plan study slots, activities for fun or jobs..  I always had one.  Now, I carry it with me, because you never know when I’ll get a questioning email and will need to spit out information on appointments, or activities.  This also means I have graduated from a normal purse (which I use during the weekends still) to my “Work purse”.  This Mother can carry a lot, without being annoying like a diaper bag.  Some days I carry extra shoes for the kids, snacks, drinks, a teddy bear… you never know what is in that purse.

Here is the one I use and LOVE:

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 11.15.31 AM.png

You can shop for it on Thirtyonegifts.com and if you would like to order one simply comment and I will get you set up!

I have a nice big curled initial of my future last name in hot pink on the front of my charcoal bag.. it looks amazing. I get compliments ALL THE TIME when  I am out with the kiddos.

SO, assuming I don’t babysit after work I head directly home and make Fiancee some dinner.. I WISH I was the person that can plan the weeks meals in advance, but I never know how much time I’ll have or what he will be hungry for.. so I usually decide during the drive home.

Once dinner is done and cleaned up (I KNOW I won’t do dishes the day they are made unless I do it right away) I either laze around and hit up Netflix (currently re-watching Drop Dead Diva) or I go to the gym.  If I plan on going to the gym I will wait and eat dinner until after I workout.

If I do go to the gym it’s shower time then typically time to relax and read before bed…


Then I start it all over again.


My body is so predictable..

I remember LOVING sports as a kid and young adult.. but I don’t remember NEEDING to work out to work off emotions so much.. granted I was so busy I didn’t really have time to think about how I felt.. but if I don’t go to the gym I don’t get a good nights rest, I’m tired the next day and I don’t have energy or motivation to work hard so I can come home early.

I try and go to the gym at least 3 times a week, this week that won’t be happening as Fiancee and I will be visiting family and going to a reunion of sorts. (I’ll post more about that next week) and I won’t have time, energy, or a way to workout.  Not to mention.. Fiancee would NOT be happy if I went to the gym during this trip seeing as it is his favorite time of the year.

When I do go to the gym I try and tan for anywhere from 5 minutes to 10 minutes.. depending on how I feel.  I don’t tan two days in a row however… I don’t need to push my risk of skin cancer THAT far.. We all know my skin has had MORE than its fair share of sun burns over the past 22 years.

My gym also has AMAZING massage chairs.. they are worth the $20 a month membership fee. SERIOUSLY.  I haven’t tried it yet, but they also have hydromassage beds…


As I have recently made a huge realization… I am in an ENTIRELY new role.. I am now: (Not in order)

Sole provider

House manager (shopping, cleaning.. fiancee still takes care of the bills)

Emotional support giver

Full time employee

Medical School Fiancee

Thank GOD we took the opportunity to get me a gym membership… I DON’T know how else I could handle the stress of doing this otherwise.. I truly think that everything happens for a reason.  Whether the reasons are clear yet or not is a different story.. I guess we’ll find out as our story unfolds..

Back to school?


This is the FIRST year since…. preschool I HAVEN’T had a “First day of school”.  As someone who loved school.. this is really messing with me.

The smell of new notebooks.. opening and setting up school supplies every August.. LOVED it!

BUT… all things must come to an end..

Instead of focusing on the lack of school feeling I have decided to focus on making the best of my time.

I have recently purchased myself a couple new planners… One for everything I keep in my phone.. and the other for wedding stuff… BUT I think I will find another use for it.. It is SO much easier to keep my wedding stuff with my daily stuff…

ANDDDDD I might be joining a gym here REAL quick!  Gotta slim down for the down!


I have spent SO much time reading reviews.. comparing notes.. and asking members of all kinds of gyms.. and it seems like Planet Fitness has won my heart.  I cannot wait to start working out.. in fact.. Instead of waiting until September I have asked Fiancee if we can push a rush on that membership and join later this week! Yay! Which means.. gym stories.. new topics.. sweaty selfies.. (sorry not sorry).

So, ontop of a new gym and planning my daily life to help with stress management.. I am also PLEASED to announce I have accepted a job as a Nanny/Family Assistant for a very nice family in the area.  I will keep their house running, and the kids taken care of as well as help with the grandparents and odd errands.. I have not done something quite so.. personal? but I am still very much looking forward to this new adventure!

Onwards and upwards my loves! ❤

Well, hello wifi!


When fiancee and I have moved (together) in the past it was super easy, thanks to his old job.

Now?  We have to do it all on our own money, and on a different timeframe.

This time our move was much smoother, however it was harder emotionally.  We moved from Iowa to Indianapolis.  Holy POOP.  Fiancee is settling into his new routine of school and studying.. while I settle into the routine of doing everything else.

Do I have a job?

Working on that.  I do still sell Perfectly Posh, here is my link . But I am still looking for a classic full time job.  So far I have had a few interviews for nannying and babysitting, which is nice for the short term.  There is one full time nanny job I would love to have, as I would be salaried.  The goal is still to find an 8-5 office job, where I don;t have to worry about how much I do or do not make.

Since my last post we have:

Settled into our new home

Attended his White Coat Ceremony (such a nice event to attend)


Made a trip back to my hometown to see my girls, and my Maid of Honor with her brand new baby girl (whom I forgot to get pictures with)

Picked out the bridesmaids dresses!!! AND all the girls get along, which I was slightly worried about..

I got a library card (we all know I HAVE to have one)

Today we finally got wifi (hence the post)